I am nine years old. Its Friday. Mom has taken me grocery shopping, we have a pizza because she has worked all week and does not want to cook. We get to get a movie too. In the parking lot, there is a giant yellow and blue store with a…

I got a haircut today

Took the dead bits of me

and did away with them

Chopped off months of oils and mess

I chopped a whole year off


At the edge of tomorrow

Death came to me

He did sing ever so sweetly

“Won’t you come keep me company?”

I listened to his song

but I did not…

Remember, remember

the old ghosts said

as they watched in horror

the past repeat again.

As someone who spent the first eighteen years of her life in California before moving to Montana, I was accustomed to warmer climates. Switching to life in cold weather was a complete change for me and even as someone who has lived in cold weather for a while, I still…

12 monkeys were given a time travel machine

they were told they could go back and fix anything

but the monkeys knew nothing of time or machines

and so everything…

We let the bodies hit the floor

while we danced like the world

wasn’t ending

Major Tom is dead and gone

all our heroes got knocked off pedestals

and into…

Prior to Bridgertons airing, I hadn’t read the entire Bridgerton book series yet. I’d only read Because of Miss Bridgerton which is book one in Julia Quinn’s Rokesby series which involves ancestors of the Bridgertons. And, what’s more, I promptly forgot that I read it.

For anyone who hasn’t read…

5. Meg Cabot is the best selling author known for writing The Princess Diaries series. That said, Cabot has been writing books since the 80’s and some of the earliest things she wrote included Regency Romance books. I myself have only read her YA regency books back when I was…

There were three things that were constant on Maybelle Street. The first was the barking of Mrs. St. Claire’s precious, long haired poodle Casper every morning. The second was the sound of Mrs. Daphne DuBois yelling at Mrs. St. Claire’s precious, long haired poodle as it tried to dig up…

Cambria Covell

Cambria Covell is a serial fiction writer who writes fantasy romance. Her work can be found on the dreame app and at her website cambriacovell.com

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